Quarry Park, Hangzhou, China (completed)

In the Forest Phase I, Changsha, China (completed)

China Resources Headquarters, Shenzhen, China (under construction)

Mitsui Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan (under construction)

China Merchant Changhang Mixed Use Development, Shenzhen, China (under construction)

TP LINK Research + Development Center, Hangzhou, China (under construction)

TP LINK Headquarters, Shenzhen China (on going)

Vanke Hangzhou Center, Hangzhou, China (on going)

Greentown Beijing Jiuxianqiao Project Parcel K, Beijing, China (on going)

Toyosu Waterfront Development, Tokyo, Japan (on going)

Sunac Tangzhen Canal Park + Market Square, Shanghai, China (on going)

Sunac Tangzhen Streetscape Master Plan, Shanghai, China (on going)

Beijing Flower Expo 2019 (on going)

Z Residence, Shenzhen, China (on going)

Changsha Lakefront Park, Changsha, China (on going)

Changsha By the Water Development, Changsha, China (under construction)

Changsha In the Forest Mixed Use Development, Changsha, China (under construction)

Busan North Port Urban Design Competition, Busan, Korea (completed)

Taopu District Urban Design / Open Space Master Plan (completed)

M3 Open Space Proposal, Tokyo, Japan (completed)

Aoyama Competition, Tokyo, Japan (completed)