ma is the essence of the traditional Japanese aesthetic; the pure and essential void between all things. ma is uncluttered openness full of possibilities. It is the purposeful pauses in speech which make words stand out and the intervals of silence between the notes which make the music. It is in the quiet time in nature that we all need to make our busy lives joyful and meaningful. More than an aesthetic, ma is the eternally “in-between,” and it is this place in which our design practice resides; intentionally and indispensably lodged between planning, architecture and landscape.



Start with passion. It is the foundation of our design practice. It drives the creative process; it inhabits every line we draw, every stroke of the modelling tool across the clay. It fills long days spent in the studio or in the field with pure joy. Regardless of project type, scale or scope, every project expresses and imparts our passion for landscape.

Our proclivity for aesthetics makes us as artists. Our curiosity for knowledge about sites and culture makes us as historians. Our love of technology and ecology makes us innovators.

Our passion resonates through our built work, creating timeless, beautiful and memorable places with a sustainable future.



Start with understanding. Listening to each client, understanding your values, expectations, goals and dreams, together with rigorous research into the cultural and natural forces at play on the project site must precede any meaningful design work. Your plans for use and management, recognition of the residents and community, their history and culture, current and pre-existing eco-systems and human occupation patterns are all part of our “required reading.”

Our unique response is our style, custom-tailored or “bespoke.” We allow and encourage the site and its context to be heard or be “spoken” in all its richness, to tell your story.

Projects and sites are never the same, whether in topography, scale, or program. Your project deserves its unique team, approach and concept to address every unique aspect, and to allow the design to discover the story for the place.



office ma  is a boutique planning and design firm practicing internationally at the juncture of urban design, planning, and landscape architecture with a particular focus on Asia. office ma is small in order that our energy, talents and attention remain focused on a select number of projects and clients, with a commitment to long term relationships. We take every project personally and approach design with passion. Our size and approach enables more fruitful, efficient partnerships. Our business model is completely integrated with our design approach, with quality of concept and execution, and nurturing repeat clients as the ultimate drivers of our business. We maintain a small core studio, but with access to a broad base of expertise through our trusted colleagues in key locations we are capable of leading the design of a wide range of project scales from an urban plaza to regional park.  We are small but we are tailored. We tailor our team and approach to each unique project and client. 



office ma is at its best when engaged early on to collaborate in the creation of a project and establish a master plan framework for development. We create value for the project at its inception when the long view, imagination and an openness to experimentation can reveal rich creative opportunities often missed by conventional design practices.  The framework process can flush out and fill the gaps left by traditional forms of design practice, enabling the project to be scaled and phased to its maximum value. office ma approaches each project un-blindered by disciplinary boundaries, tightly defined scope or preconceptions in order to create value through every phase by creating a powerful but flexible project framework. Our emphasis on design concept, design detail and execution, ultimately results in built environments which are grounded in place while rich in experience, inspiration and beauty.  







"ma: 間” は雑なモノによって満たされていない空の存在であり、そこには無限の可能性が広がっている。会話の中における間は言葉を際立たせ、音の流れの中にある間は音楽を構成する大切な一要素である。

自然の中での静かなひと時は、多忙な日々に喜びをもたらし意味深いものとしてくれる。私たちのデザインは、国境を越え、都市計画、建築、ランドスケープの各分野を横断し、無限の ”ma: 間” を生み出しています。






大きさや種類に関わらずoffice maが携わるすべての仕事には、私たちが持っているランドスケープに対するパッションがいっぱいに注ぎ込まれています。







それが、office maのスタイル ”BESPOKE(ビスポーク)”です。



office maは、一つ一つのプロジェクトに最適なプロジェクトチームを形成し、あなたのプロジェクトが持つストーリーを最もうまく引き出すデザインを提案します。



office maは、サンフランシスコとトウキョウを拠点に





我々は各プロジェクトにおいて もっとも適したプロジェクトチームを構築しプロセスを用いることによりそのプロジェクトに最適な提案をしていきます。各プロジェクトにおいて鍵となる専門エリアには信頼できるパートナーを起用することで幅広い専門知識を取り込むことを可能にしています。








office ma is founded by Aki Omi in 2013 and later joined by his long time friend and design partner, Steve Hanson. office ma currently operates in San Francisco and Tokyo with a team of young talents.

office maは、2013年にアキ オウミによって設立され、その後友人でありデザインパートナーであるスティープ ハンソンが参加し現在に至る。現在はサンフランシスコとトウキョウを拠点に優秀なスタッフとともにプロジェクトに携わる。